Chapter History

The Anchorage Alumni Chapter has been a pillar in the community since initiating its first alumni member in the late 1980s. We have also been enriched through the addition of brothers who have relocated to the area from other parts of the country who were initiated in other alumni and undergraduate chapters. From 1988-2020, the following members were initiated:

  1. John Thomas
  2. Matthew King
  3. Larry Westbury
  4. Roy Henderson
  5. Nathaniel Hewitt, III
  6. Delvin Sparrow
  7. Carey Brown
  8. Darryl Sample
  9. Kenneth Ellis
  10. Rene Proctor
  11. Romel Holmes, Jr.

Our mission is to enhance and sustain a bond of brotherhood while serving our local community through programs and activities that will have a meaningful and positive impact.

In that vein, the Anchorage Alumni Chapter sponsors and supports a number of programs designed to give back to the community. We have donated time and financial resources to efforts to ensure food stability for those in need such as the elderly, the homeless, and students who depend on school meals during the pandemic. We have also provided support for the UAA Multicultural Center and programs geared towards education such as the Shiloh Young Lions Program. Each year at Christmas, we identify youth in the community to participate in our Annual Shop With A Kappa Event. Additionally, as part of an annual national fraternity effort, we have supported the St. Jude Sunday of Hope to raise money and awareness about the amazing work being done at St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.

Our vision is to be a formidable participant and advocate for change in our community and remain active in creating and supporting cultural and educational enhancement programs as well as social, political, and economic awareness activities. We seek to accomplish this through dedicated service and by fostering effective relationships with other community organizations and partnerships within the public and private sectors and at all levels of government.